Founded in 2008, STRIDE is an evangelism training and support ministry for Adventist students attending secular universities in the Boston area. During the academic year, STRIDE staff and guest speakers equip students with practical biblical instruction on personal spirituality, Adventist doctrines, and evangelism/discipleship. Understanding their campus is a mission field, students are challenged to apply the things they learn in all aspects of their lives and proactively share the gospel.

Boston is arguably the intellectual capital of the world; 360,000 students from over 139 countries attend more than 100 colleges and universities in the area. Harvard, MIT, Wellesley, Boston University and Northeastern, to name a few, attract some of the brightest minds with the hope of future greatness. STRIDE seeks to help these students understand that true greatness begins now and is found in Christian service (see Mark 10:42-45). As students are converted in their college years, their impact for Christ begins on their campuses and extends throughout the world.

Campus ministry is a work that ”must be done, and it will be done by those who are led and taught of God.” (Selected Messages Vol. 3, p. 234)