A Dream Realized!

Do y'all want to know how AWESOME my God is? So, I have a "praisemony" for the week (and semester/year), which is basically a cumulation of a praise and testimony that has its roots in my freshman year here. I've been waiting to share this story for a while now but it was still in progress, so here it goes.

Since I got to BU 2 years ago, STRIDE/ Campus HOPE Fellowship have been the most constant and influential presence in my life. Words cannot express how thankful I am to be involved in such a a supportive and Christ-centered ministry. Witnessing the effect that the ministry has had in my life, the burden was also placed on my heart to make sure it continues to impact other students, especially here on BU's campus.

So, in the Fall of last year, God began to answer the prayers of everyone involved by introducing more Adventist students to BU Campus HOPE through our weekly bible studies. At the time, it looked like we would have enough people to apply to be an official student group. Unfortunately, most of the students involved with the group graduated in the spring of this year. Since we had not been officially recognized since the Spring of 2012, we needed more undergrad students to be able to submit an application.

God answered. Within the first few weeks of the [Fall 2014] semester, we had an e-Board and other members who have supported us along the way. This semester, our bible studies have grown to numbers I couldn't have imagined just a few months ago. We submitted an application for approval on September 28th, and on October 27th, we received an official approval. BU Campus HOPE is now an OFFICIAL student group!

I want to thank every one who has lifted us up in prayer. You are truly appreciated. I don't even know where to begin thanking God for His hand in all this but I just pray His will continues to be done in every part of this ministry. 

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- Ashlyn Crossfield


Campus HOPE (Helping Others Prepare for Eternity) is the name of Seventh-day Adventist student groups in the Boston area. There are currently four recognized chapters: BU, Umass-Boston, Tufts, and MIT. Keep the students in your prayers as they seek to grow in Christ through their fellowship and serve their university for His Kingdom.

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Ashlyn is President of BU Campus HOPE. She is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Urban Affairs.

Ashlyn is President of BU Campus HOPE. She is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Urban Affairs.