Inaugural Summer Training Program a Success

STRIDE believes that obtaining a degree from a university is not the primary purpose for which God sends His children to these institutions. He sends them primarily to share the love of Christ with those in their circles of influence. He intentionally and strategically places students of faith where there are souls longing to be noticed, valued, and loved.

God desires that His children partner with Him in reaching their roommates, classmates, lab partners, janitors, cafeteria staff, teachers’ assistants, and professors for the kingdom! To fulfill this great mission, our Seventh-day Adventist students must be equipped to know, live and share their faith in a powerful way. 

STRIDE’s 10-day Summer Secular Campus Ministry Training Program (Summer Training Program or STP for short) provided such an opportunity to Boston-based college students. Eight students took advantage of the inaugural STP. Six campuses were represented by these students: UMass Dartmouth, Amherst College, Salem State University, Bunker Hill Community College, Tufts University, and Boston University.

From July 31 - August 7, 2015, the student missionaries received hands-on training from experienced instructors in public campus ministry. The classes were held on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where STRIDE director, Andrew Innocent, serves as the Adventist chaplain. Instructors from Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington state, and here in Boston delved into topics such as personal spirituality, the importance of Adventist ministry on public campuses, wellness, the Great Controversy, understanding world religions, Creation apologetics, and Christian growth and leadership, among others. During the training, students worked as a group and sometimes two-by-two to minister on area campuses, putting into practice some of what they've learned.

Before STRIDE, I had a lot of questions [about my faith] and the questions I had were answered in this program. It was refreshing!
— BJ S. (Wheaton College '16)

Now that these student missionaries are better equipped to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, we look forward to working alongside them and seeing how God will bear much fruit through them on their respective campuses.

We would like to thank God for using the members of ASi-Atlantic Union to financially support this project. Without your generosity there would not have been this awesome training opportunity for Boston-area students to be effective witnesses for Christ. Learning from this experience, we plan to do even more for students in the 2016 summer! Please keep STRIDE in prayers as we continue to minister to our Adventist students and their not-yet-Adventist academic community for Jesus.

Partner with STRIDE to provide more quality programs as the STP. If you or someone you know has a student attending Boston-area colleges/universities who would benefit from a loving Adventist student community, please connect with us at or 857-209-4836.

The program was recharging. Helping others was my purpose for coming but I gained insight into my walk with God.
— Sarah J. (Boston University MPH '16)

Praise the Lord for a successful inaugural 10-day campus ministry summer training program! We had eight student...

Posted by STRIDE on Sunday, August 9, 2015
When I came here it reminded me that I’m a child of God. I see the whole purpose of being Adventist. I didn’t have the knowledge before, now I know what being Adventist is all about.
— Harmony A. (Roxbury CC '19)

In addition to providing training to the enrolled students, STRIDE offered two courses that were open to the public. The first was Dr. Subodh Pandit’s weekend presentation “Come Search With Me… Evidence for Belief” where he discussed and provided practical tools to help Adventists speak the language of non-Christians in order to better draw them to Christ. Particularly in helping students minister in the scientific environment, Dr. Pandit’s presentation was invaluable. The Boston Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church partnered with STRIDE in hosting Dr. Pandit. The second was a one-day Creation apologetics training presented by Mike Riddle of the Creation Training Initiative. Attendees learned how to defend the biblical account of Creation as well as how to scientifically dismantle the theory of evolution in a non-confrontational manner.

The phrase that would sum up my experience is ‘confidence in our doctrines.’
— Lindsey S. (Newbury College '18)